Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
Top Bars
  • Antique American Bar Cocktail bar / Small, classy room with good outdoor seating (one of my top bars)
  • Mirror Bar Hotel cocktail bar / Refined bar at the Radisson Blu Carlton
  • Michalska Cocktail Room Speakeasy / Enter through Urban Bistro
Other Food & Drink
  • Apo+eka
  • Ramen Kazu
  • Žil VERNE (beer)

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Bratislava Castle & Devin Castle Iconic castles to explore
  • Canoeing the Little Danube This activity takes a little work as you need to get transport to Jelka, but its fun starting at one restaurant on the Little Danube and canoeing 8km down to another restaurant with a water mill (Water Edge Runner Mill Jelka)
  • Walk or bike the Danube River Path Use this path to access sites along the water such as Devin Castle


Top Stays