Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
Top Bars
  • Bar & Smokers Lounge at Breidenbacher Hof & BEUYS Bar Cocktail bars / BSL: Very classy bar at the prestigious Breidenbacher Hof hotel + BB: great spot for well-crafted cocktails
  • Zum Uerige Zum Uerige is home to the world’s best Altbier and is located in Dusseldorf's old town (Altstadt). Some people call Altstadt the "longest bar in the world" because of the hundreds of bars, restaurants and beer houses that line the street. (Note: Drinking Altbier at the 'world’s longest bar' in the Altstadt can be compared to eating a baguette in Paris—it has to be done! Altbier tastes a bit like bacon and is best served in teeny-tiny glasses.)
  • Bar Alexander & Ellington Cocktail bars / BA: bar design features rich mahogany & vintage light fixtures + E: elegant, high-end cocktail bar with speakeasy charm
Other Food & Drink
  • Da Clà (Italian), Im Schiffchen, Nagaya (Japanese), Am Kai (European), Bob & Mary’s (burgers), DOX, Na Ni Wa Noodles & Soups (Japanese)
  • Squarebar, Elephant Bar, Brauerei Ferdinand Schumacher, Pardo Bar, Zum Schiffchen
  • Hinkel Bakery

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Rhine River Sightseeing Cruise View Düsseldorf from the water—panoramic views of river, city ruins and picturesque Old Town
  • Museum Kunstpalast & subterranean art gallery KIT Beautiful art at both galleries
  • Coffee and cake at Café Hüftgold Cool, vintage-style cafe serving some of the best homemade cakes
  • Explore Carlsplatz Market Great market with food stalls, coffee and flowers/plants
  • Tonhalle Düsseldorf Catch a concert here!
  • Mustard Museum in the Altstadt Check out Germany’s most famous condiment


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