Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
  • Konoba Scala Santa Listed as the oldest restaurant in Kotor, Scala Santa opened in 1931 for the first time, oozing with character, charm and authentic wooden beams which keep the building standing upright. Located in a quiet corner of Old Town in Kotor inclusive of a roomy terrace makes Scala Santa a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Hotel Hippocampus Rooftop (Seasonal) Opened in 2012, Boutique Hotel Hippocampus is located within the UNESCO-protected Old Town of Kotor. The restaurant is located on a roof terrace overlooking the walls of San Giovanni.
  • Verige 65 This restaurant is located outside of Kotor and is accessible via water taxi or ferry. While this restaurant is a 10-min boat ride, it can take more than 30 mins by car as the road needs to wind around the bay. This elegantly designed restaurant represents simplicity of modern architecture with a deep respect for the nature around it. Made of glass, the interior creates a feeling of tranquility and profound connection with natural setting of the Boka Bay.
Top Bars
  • Letrika Caffe Bar Authentic Art Caffe in Old Town of Kotor. During the day chill and have fun away from the crowds. During the night feel great vibes with some of the best DJs.
  • Cheese Shop (off the Ladder of Kotor) After hiking may switchbacks, you will see a rustic looking stone building, often referred to as the Cheese shop. It's a great place to stop for a snack. Grab a beer, glass of wine or drink while having cheese or other homemade produce.
  • Nitrox Pub & Eatery A diving- and rock-themed pub in the Adriatic where you can find delicious food and drinks in the magnificent Old Town. This pub serves some of the best IPAs anywhere including Croatia's Garden Brewery (we loved the Milkshake IPA).
Other Food & Drink
  • Coffee Shops Most restaurants with outdoor seating make great cappuccinos

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Day trip to Lady of the Rock Enjoy a boat tour to the most popular sights of Montenegro. See the impressive Our Lady of the Rocks, swim in the Blue Cave, and visit the caves where submarines were hidden.
  • Hikes: (1) Up to Kotor Fortress (San Giovanni) (2) Ladder of Kotor (3) Top Of the Old Kotor Fort Trail This could be one of the best hikes I've done with some of the best views. San Giovanni castle and Kotor Fortress are magical and mysterious medieval ruins that are incredible to walk through. Walk the main hiking route or take the back entrance up the ladder where you will discover a secret cheese shop selling wine, beer and food—it may be the most rewarding beer of your life!
  • Walk the Old Town and surrounding walls As mentioned, the Old Town is authentic with walls that surround it and have three "gate entrances". The southernmost Gurdić Gate has a drawbridge over a moat. Inside the gates are monuments of medieval architecture such as churches, cathedrals and palaces. The alleyways within Old Town are packed with restaurants, bars and squares with picturesque outdoor seating.
Other Attractions
  • Other Activities • Day trip to Budva, Kotor Bazaar


Top Stays
  • A
    Chic & Super Stylish Old Town Rooftop Palace Suite
    Plunge into medieval charm of this 15th-century romantic and stylish Old Town Rooftop Loft. This airbnb has gorgeous views of the historic skyline while offering modern comfort.
  • H
    Hotel Hippocampus
    Set in a 17th-century stone property on a narrow street, this stylish boutique hotel is in the heart of old town. The rooftop restaurant is also incredible for food & drinks in the sun.
  • H
    Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro
    This hotel exudes charm. We were in a square and looked up to see guest dining on a rooftop. The scene looked so perfect that we had to find out what this hotel was: the Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro. We walked inside and loved the historical style. I think it's safe to assume that the rooms and other amenities are just as spectacular!