Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
  • Central Central is the number two restaurant in the world. The dishes were authentically Peruvian and the alcohol pairings were interesting and incredible.
  • Maido Maido is the number eleven best restaurant in the world and the number one restaurant for Nikkei in Lima. Nikkei cuisine is Peruvian ingredients cooked with Japanese techniques. The Nikkei Experience tasting menu was one of the best dining experiences we have had while travelling. One course is tuna nigiri cut and prepared table-side!
  • Astrid y Gastón Located in a unique three-century-old colonial mansion, Astrid y Gastón is the godfather of modern Peruvian cuisine.
Top Bars
  • Carnaval The #44 best bar in the world in 2022, Carnaval is the godfather of Lima's contemporary cocktail scene. Creative cocktails plus all the classics, we seriously enjoyed our Gran Carnaval flight of seven cocktails. The namesake cocktail Carnaval is a must try if you go!
  • Lady Bee Lady Bee was opened by former Carnaval bartenders and it does not disappoint. Cocktail ingredients are sourced locally and expertly mixed in classics such as the Bees Knees and White Lady.
  • The Parrot Shadow The Parrot Shadow offers an extensive menu of tiki style cocktails, paying homage to rum and the legacy of the Tiki cocktail bar.
  • Inca Market When it comes to souvenirs, this is one of the best markets in Lima. Located in the heart of Miraflores, you can find typical Peruvian souvenirs including traditional textiles, Inca style jewelry, Peru’s famous alpaca scarves, and Pisco!
  • Gamarra One of the busiest markets in Lima, Gamarra is fully dedicated to clothes. A mekka for clothing shopping in Lima, Gamarra offers your favourite brands, your favourite knock-offs, and even cheaper nameless brands.
  • Mercado Central Deep in the heart of Lima is this multi-storey market with everything and anything. Separated by sections, there is no end to what you can find in this place. Aisles of fruits, vegetables, the freshest seafood and hanging cuts of meat, and a wide range of spices and dry goods. The surrounding area outside of the market is just as packed and crazy with vendors.
Other Food & Drink
  • Other Food Rafael, Cosme, Isolina, Osso, Mayta, La Mar, La Picantería, Kjolle, Barra Maretazo
  • Other Drink OLE BAR RESTAURANT, Sasteria Martinez, Ayahuasca, PALAIS COCKTAIL
  • Coffee Shops CHÉ CHÁ Tea Bar & Food Station, Puku Puku Café, Milenaria Cafe, Milimétrica Coffee

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Lima's Food & Drink Scene Lima boasts the #2 and #11 restaurant in the world (according to the Top 50 List 2022). Spend a few evenings checking out what Lima has to offer. Their Nikkei cuisine (Peruvian ingredients made with Japanese techniques) is not to be missed!
  • Swim with Sea Lions at the Palomino’s Island This sightseeing cruise from Lima allows you to get in the water and swim with Sea Lions on the island of Palomino. Plus, during the boat ride to Palomino, you'll cruise past other islands, see Peruvian birds and enjoy a day out on the water.
  • Paraglide off the coast of Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro Allow professional and skilled instructors to fly you over some of Lima's best beaches and most iconic coastline. This is a spectacular experience for those looking for more adventure in Lima.
Other Attractions
  • Sites • Historic Centre of Lima (UNESCO-listed), Lima Cathedral
  • Day trips • Huacachina (desert oasis), Paracas Ica, Marcahuasi
  • Galleries/Museums • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, MATE museum
  • Parks • Miraflores Boardwalk, Hike/Bike to the Top of El Morro Hill, Kennedy Park


Top Stays
  • A
    Modern, Newly Renovated 2BR Near Pucllana Museum
    The window-filled space is filled with natural light, newly renovated and equipped with modern appliances and decor. The location is super central between Miraflores and San Insidro, and walking distance to markets, restaurants, coffee shops and more!
  • A
    Bright & beautiful 2b apt in heart of Miraflores
    Completely remodeled and beautifully decorated apt in the heart of town. Equipped with all the comforts of home so you can enjoy the most comfortable stay after a day of exploring. The flat is also a short walk to Kennedy Park!
  • H
    Neo Hotel Boutique
    Located in the trendy San Insidro neighbourhood within walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants, and Miraflores. The rooms are brand new with comfy beds for relaxing after a day of exploring!
  • Miraflores, San Insidro, Barranco