New York

Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
Top Bars
  • Dante - West Village Cocktail bar / Both locations are great (Caffe & West Village). Martini hour at WV is an incredible experience!
  • Double Chicken Please Cocktail bar / Rated the #1 bar in North America!
  • Attaboy NYC Cocktail bar / An institution that is always good for a drink!
Other Food & Drink
  • Tone House (my Top 3 gyms in the world), Mile High Run Club, Rumble
  • Ralph's Coffee, Abraço, Coffee Project New York, La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Run, bike & explore Central Park Massive park in the centre of Manhattan!
  • Restaurants, bars and shops NYC is the city that never sleeps and has so much to offer in terms of food, drinks, clothing and products!
  • Bike the circumference of Manhattan There are good bike paths that make this easy to do!


Top Stays