Food & Drink

Top Restaurants
  • La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise Described as an "Upscale restaurant with a modern menu inspired by dishes from 19th-century Czech cuisine." This restaurant serves recipes based on a 19th-century Czech cookbook but refined to impress any of today’s gourmands.
  • Vycep Jars of preserved fruit and veg fill the walls, delicious pork matures in small fridges, and you can watch the chefs in the kitchen via the TVs at this rustic, modern pub. Czech recipes from yesteryear are brought up-to-date in generous, flavoursome dishes – and there are some great beers to accompany.
  • Field Another of Prague's Michelin stars belongs to Field, which attempts to source locally while creating an exciting, Scandinavian-inspired menu.
Top Bars
  • Hemingway Bar Inspired by the hard-drinking author, a casual lounge bar specializing in freshly mixed cocktails.This is a can't miss bar with a beautiful upstairs bar (although it's not always open).
  • L'Fleur An amazing bar with a great reputation. Catering to serious cocktail and champagne lovers, they serve well made drinks and have the class to go with your champagne order. Slightly off the beaten track but nothing too out of the way.
  • Czech Beer Festival Prague Prague Beer Festival is held from mid to late May, lasting 17 days. The festival gets pretty exciting with tens of thousands of people drinking in tents and taking over the town. Note that here are other festivals such as the Festival of Microbreweries at Prague Castle, which happen in June.

Activities & Attractions

Top Activities
  • Explore the Sites These include Charles Bridge, Old Town, Lenin Wall, hanging Sigmund Freud and the old Jewish ghetto, to name a few. There is a lot to explore and take in while visiting Prague.
  • Prague Castle and Golden Lane This medieval castle will leave you stunned and mesmerized by its beauty. Built in the 9th century, this castle is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.
  • Cruise on the Vltava What better way to see the city than by seeing it from the water. Vltava is the longest river in the Czech Republic and goes right through Prague. It's worth checking out!


Top Stays
  • H
    Four Seasons Prague
    Located in the Old Town in Prague, the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel offers views of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. Four Seasons is known for its service and quality so this is a great choice for a bigger budget.
  • H
    Andaz Prague by Hyatt
    A luxury lifestyle hotel, Andaz Prague is located in the heart of the historical centre of Prague. The hotel encompasses the iconic Sugar Palace and was built taking inspiration from the rich local culture. The local architecture is unparalleled and spans many eras, which will leave you in awe of the breathtaking views. Our roms provide you with unparalleled luxury and comfort.
  • H
    Prague Marriott hotel
    Those looking to explore Old Town Prague city centre will find the Marriott ideally situated near Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge and other legendary attractions. with modern elegance and unparalleled service. The beautifully designed rooms and suites provide a home away from home.